Dr. Abel Gustafson // Strategic Sustainability Comms

Dr. Abel Gustafson

Postdoctoral Associate   //  Yale University

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication



I specialize in: Strategies for moving opinions and behaviors in sustainability and sustainable technologies.

Some inputs:

  • Permanent-state curiosity

  • Quantitative data analytics, experimental designs, lab studies, national surveys, focus groups, and data mining

  • Cutting-edge scientific research

Some outputs:

  • Cutting-edge scientific research

  • 6 years in project management roles, leading research teams

  • Developed content strategies and audience insights for media organizations, research centers, and nonprofits.

  • 11 peer-reviewed conference papers, including one national research award

  • 5 scientific publications in leading peer-reviewed journals

  • 1 dissertation that won Dissertation of the Year in Environmental Communication at the National Communication Association (2018)

I often write for fun, and I occasionally write for catharsis.
You can read some of my recent Scribbles here.